Privacy Statement

At FOCUS Leren & Ontwikkelen, we respect the privacy of the visitors of our website, our employers and the intrepreters, translators and trainers we employ. We will treat all personal data confidentially and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

We store, process and protect personal data of our relations in our own secure cloud environment provided by RFC-IT. This cloud envronment is only accessible by means of two-step authentication. In this secure cloud environment we offer all our employers a private client folder that both they and the managing director of FOCUS Leren & Ontwikkelen can access at all times, and that is temporarily accessible for any of our employees and freelancers who are actively involved in a project for an employer. Morever, a specific code of conduct applies to our staff and freelancers.

Data Processing Objectives

We will process your data for the purposes of entering into and carrying out contracts for interpreting, language, translation and training services and for managing the business relationships arising thereunder. We will not disclose your data to any third party except to the extent necessary for carrying out the services you have purchased. In such a case, we will only disclose the data that is necessary for our translators, interpreters, trainers, or consultants to be able to provide the requested service.

Use of Data

If you fill in an online form to be contacted or to receive a quotation or offer, or if you contact us by email, we will request you to provide personal data to us. We will inform you what specific personal data of yours we will store and how we will use this.

By accepting an offer and the accompanying general terms and condicitons, you give us permission to store relevant personal data in our cloud-based system and use this in order to be able to provide our services as well as keep you informed through our newsletter about our organisation and activities.

We will store anay data we receive from you only for as long as necessary to deal with your request or as dictated by law. As soon as the statutory period for retaining personal data has expired or the data is no longer required for the supply of our services – whichever is sooner – we will destroy this data.


You are entitled to see your personal data stored in our database at any time in order to check that it is correct or relevant to the purpose. You can exert this right by sending an email to mail@focus-lerenenontwikkelen.nl with “check data” in the subject line and referring to the project that we are doing for you in the body text of the email.

You may also withdraw your consent for the use of your personal data at any time or ask us to remove your data from our database. You can do so by sending an email to mail@focus-lerenenontwikkelen.nl with “withdrawal consent use personal data” in the subject line and referring to the project that we are doing for you in the body text of the email.

We will remove your personal data from our database (the law permitting) and send you a confirmation message. The consequence of the withdrawal of your consent may be that we can no longer provide our services properly.

Are you listed with us as a freelancer? Then you are entitled to see, rectify, correct, or remove any of the data that we have stored related to you, or you can ask us to return the data to you in a reusable form in as far as this is possible. You can make a request to see that data that we have stored by sending an email to mail@focus-lerenenontwikkelen.nl.

Facebook and Twitter

Our website contains links to our Facebook and Twitter pages. These links use the codes supplied by Facebook and Twitter. These codes include a cookie that will be placed on your computer. FOCUS Leren & Ontwikkelen has no control over what Facebook and Twitter do with your personal data. If you oppose their policy on data protection, then you should only follow us via our own website; otherwise, you are very welcome to follow us via this social media.


We send a newsletter to those interested in obtaining the latest news about our company and services, and related topics.  We will only use your e-mail address for this purpose if you have given us your express consent to do so. Each newsletter includes information about how to unsubscribe from this service. Personal data concerning the subscribers to our newsletter will not be disclosed to any third party.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

FOCUS Leren & Ontwikkelen reserves the right to make any changes to this Privacy Statement as required by any incidents, or changing laws or regulations, by any changes to the services we provide, and as a result of developments in the way privacy protection is perceived. The latest version of this privacy statement will apply at all times and may be consulted through our website, www.focus-lerenenontwikkelen.nl.

Wormerveer, 23 May 2018

FOCUS Leren & Ontwikkelen